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Technology Development Zones

The Advantages offered by Technology Development Zones

The enterprises, which are located in Technology Development Zones, may benefit from the advantages below by finding the chance to work with universities and research institutions:

  • Profits made from software development and R&D activities are exempt from income and corporate tax till 31 December 2023.
  • The sale of implementation software produced in TDZ is exempt from VAT till 31 December 2023. Software used in system management, data management, business practices, different sectors, internet, mobile telephones and military command control systems are also included.
  • Relevant wages of the R&D and support personnel working in the zone are exempt from all taxes till 31 December 2023. The number of the support personnel within the frame of exemption cannot exceed 10% of the number of R&D personnel.
  • Corporates can make the investment required for the production of the technological product, which they gain from R&D projects that start and conclude in the zone, within the zone again provided that the administrative company approves and the Ministry permits.
  • The 50 % of Social Security premium of Employer’s share is granted by the State for 5 years till 31.12.2024.