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Digital Innovation and Solutions Leader, an Inc. 5000 Company, Supply Chain Wizard is in İzmir with its R&D Center

Supply Chain Wizard opened its R&D Center in İzmir and became the first and only "Digital Supply Chain" focused R&D Center in Turkey. Supply Chain Wizard is a management consulting, digital innovation and solutions firm and a global leader specializing in serialization and traceability, supply chain strategy and operational transformation programs with presence in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Supply Chain Wizard partners with organizations in designing, developing and implementing digital solutions using technologies such as Internet-of-Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Blockchain through its cloud platform to enable end-to-end digital supply chain transformations in life sciences & pharmaceutical industry. ​

Serving some of the world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturers, Supply Chain Wizard is also an Inc. 5000 Company, ranked #557 on the USA’s Fastest Growing Private Companies List in 2018.​

With its R&D center in İzmir, Supply Chain Wizard became one of the most innovative 91 companies with an R&D Center and 4th among the software focused R&D Centers in İzmir. Official R&D Centers in Turkey are recognized based on their innovative solutions/products, research & development processes, strength of their R&D pipeline and their commercialization potential. Supply Chain Wizard will continue to develop its innovative solutions in this center by using the qualitative human resources in İzmir. ​

The software industry is one of the prioritized sectors in İzmir within the scope of the Investment Promotion activities carried out by the Izmir Development Agency. The R&D Center investment made by Supply Chain Wizard is an indicator of the development of the software industry in İzmir.​

Source: LinkedIn