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İzmir performs above the average of Turkey in terms of the number of businesses, employment and share in turnover as well as the size of the scale, turnover per business and productivity rate. The Industry Sector, which has reached a 16 billion TL of Gross Value Added, is among the leading sectors in İzmir.

İzmir as an Industrial City

Approximately the 30% of the companies with international capital in İzmir operate in the industrial sector. 8% of these are in the industrial machinery industry.


The number of firms manufacturing industrial machinery in İzmir ranks second among all sectors.


İzmir accounts for the 8.2% of the foreign capital companies in the industrial sector.


Cooling and ventilation equipment production is the prominent sub-sector of Industrial Machinery in İzmir

A Broad Market

In the scope of industrial machinery production more than 700 million dollars of annual export and more than 850 million dollars of import is executed.


İzmir is the third most important city of Turkey in machinery export with a 7.2% share.


İzmir meets the 8% of the machinery and equipment production R&D of Turkey.


İzmir Provides Qualified Labor

İzmir trains qualified labor for the sector with more than 2.000 engineering graduates annually. İzmir employs nearly 20.000 people by hosting more than 1.000 companies in the industrial machinery sector. 9% of the employment in İzmir belongs to the Industrial Machinery sector.