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İzmir Software Company PayTR Turns COVID-19 Outbreak into an Opportunity

Providing payment and virtual POS service for online shopping and being among the fastest-growing technology companies in Turkey, PayTR has increased its sales volume target by 50 percent during the pandemic, revising it to 3 billion Turkish Liras. PayTr also plans to make the life of consumers easier with new product and service investments, by taking an Electronic Money License.​

PayTR's CEO, Tarik Tombul, said to the AA reporter that they have been closely following the developments in China,  USA, and Europe since the first appearance of the Covid-19 outbreak. Stating that they are examining which sectors increased their sales and which were decreasing due to the pandemic, Tombul said that they made preparations according to the results of the study. Tombul added that: "We have reached our best figures of all time. We started trading quarter-billion Turkish Liras per month. We have made great progress in market share. In this period, we exceeded the figures we expected. Our sales volume plan for this year was to exceed 2 billion Turkish Liras. We revised our end-of-year target to be just over 3 billion Turkish Liras."​

PayTR's Chairman of the Board, Yigit Cengiz stated that they are making preparations to produce new products and said "We will complete our electronic money license application this month. If the license is approved, we will have stepped into new products and services. These will be more business-side solutions, but they're also will be applications that will make life easier for consumers."​

Source: AA