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The Organized Industrial Zones provide a unique investment environment for the manufacturing investors with a strong infrastructure convenient for production as well as suitable areas for allocation. Roads, water, natural gas, electricity, communication devices, waste treatment and other services are included in the provided infrastructure.

All of the Organized Industrial Zones are designed in a way that enables investors to operate using the already established infrastructure and social facilities.

İzmir offers suitable investment areas for its investors with affordable land prices that vary from $5 to $70 per meter square.

Advantages Offered by Organized Industrial Zones

Investors that operate within the Organized Industrial Zones benefit from the current incentives in Turkey (general investment incentives, large-scale investment incentives, regional and sectoral incentives, incentives for R&D activities etc.) as well as the advantages listed below:

  • Exempt from property tax for 5 years following construction completion date.
  •  Exempt from the sewage drain.
  • Permission to use in construction of buildings and structures are exempt from tuition fees.
  • Businesses that benefit from environmental cleaning services of municipalities are exempt from the sanitation tax. Solid waste tax exemption in case OIZ does not benefit from municipality services.
  • Merging and division process are exempt from fees.
  • Investors pay % 75 discount on the service fee to structure of audit firms.

* The investments made in Organized Industrial Zones are provided with incentives of a region lower in terms of tax reductions and insurance premium employer share within the Regional Incentive Implications. (Decision No. 2012/3305 on State Aid for Investments)

İzmir hosts a total of 13 Organized Industrial Zones.

İzmir provides investment opportunities for investors from every sector with its Organized Industrial Zones that are specialized in various sectors with approximately 40 million m2 of area.