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Having been established in 1990, the İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (İAOSB) is one of the largest production, export and employment centers. The total area of the zone located in the Çiğli District of İzmir is 6.2 million m2. The Airport, Alsancak Port and the City Center are easily accessible.

Sale of the parcels in the region is carried out with a tendering process.

Distance to City Center 22 km
Number of Parcels 633
Number of Active Companies 582
Total Employment 35.000
Sale Price of Parcel per m2 Determined by auction
Sector Focus Plastic, Chemicals, Machine Spare Parts, Metal Industry


120 million m3 of natural gas, 600 million kWh of electricity and 4 million m3 of water are consumed in the Zone annually. The ATAER Power Plant was established in 1996 by the management of the Zone in order to supply the electricity needs of the operating companies. The power of ATAER Power Plant was increased from 60 MW to 120 MW while its production capacity was increased from 480 Million kWh to 960 Million kWh with the new investments made.

The Natural Gas Operating Department has been operating since 2004. One 75.000 m3/h capacity RMS-A, as well as 7 operating and 4 backup RMS-Bs supply natural gas within the Zone.

About 35.000 people are employed within the Zone at which 528 companies are in operation. Companies within the zone mainly focus on textile, garment, machinery, automotive, metal, plastic, chemicals, food and electric and electronic. The annual turnover of the İAOSB is around $7.8 billion, export amount is around $2.5 billion and import amount is around $1 billion.



Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone

M. Kemal Atatürk Bulvarı No:42 35620 Çiğli - İzmir

+90 232 376 71 76