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Entrepreneurs from İzmir Brought Global Wind Organization (GWO) Accredited Trainings to Turkey

Entrepreneurs, taking advantage of the the development of the wind energy sector in İzmir, meet the demand for rope access in the sector with their companies named Mira Rope Access. Mira Rope Access provides the internationally recognized and Global Wind Organization (GWO) accredited trainings for wind turbines for the first time in Turkey.​

The partnerships of Barış Ateş, Haldun Ülkenli and Yıldıray Çınar were awarded in the "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" category in 2015 at the SME and Entrepreneurship Awards organized by KOSGEB. And today, thanks to its wide range of activities, their company has become one of the few organizations in the World in rope Access.​

Stating that they set off with the aim of establishing a training center and serving wind power plants, Yıldıray Çınar said that they were opening abroad by making a partnership with a local company in Pakistan and they wanted to sign new stories in the future.​

Expressing that Mira Rope Access works with a staff of 50 people and the number of engineers is quite high, Yıldıray Çınar shared that 95 percent of the employees are university graduates and the average age is 25.​

Mira Rope Access, is one of the stakeholders of the renewable energy sectoral cluster which has been being developed by İzmir Development Agency.​


Source: Hurriyet