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Electric Vehicle Equipment Investments in İzmir are Gaining Speed with Cevher Group

While electric mobility for a sustainable future is becoming prominent more every day; in Izmir, where investments in renewable energy and environmental technologies are concentrated, electric vehicle equipment investments are also gaining speed with Cevher Group.

Working with OEMs in over 20 projects as an only developer-supplier for electric vehicles, Cevher Group is aiming to take place among significant suppliers of electric vehicle manufacturers by its 40 million Euros investment in chassis and power unit in addition to its aluminum alloy rim production.

Chairman of the board and executive chief of Cevher Group Haluk Özyavuz points out that in the future hybrid vehicles will be replaced by first electric vehicles and then the vehicles working with fuel cells particularly hydrogen. In order to become one of the strongest and permanent player of the sector, he says that they planned their programs in advance. Özyavuz says, “We see the hybrid vehicles as an important part of the transition to %100 electric vehicles. In the short and medium-range, hybrid vehicles will increase their market share. However, in the long run, they will be replaced by %100 electric vehicles. At that point, besides the innovation going on with electric vehicles, the vehicles working with fuel cells particularly hydrogen which companies like Toyota and BMW been working for years will gain popularity in the long run. Of course, these developments and innovations won’t happen at the same time and place in the world. We will be seeing new generation vehicles by the years 2030’s and  2040’s which are very different from contemporary cars."

Stating that their total investment amount will reach 40 million Euros, Özyavuz continued: “ We have faith in our country and company. For this reason, we will be going on with our investment for our country no matter what the circumstances will be."

Source: https://www.dunya.com/sirketler/cevher-grubundan-40-milyon-euro-yatirim-haberi-472166