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The Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone has become the center of attraction in Turkey for chemical investments. ALOSBİ is established on a 4.6 million m2 area and is located 65 km north of İzmir and 9 km northeast of the Aliağa District.


Distance to City Center 65 km
Number of Parcels 350
Number of Active Companies 50
Total Employment 2.432
Sale Price of Parcel per m2 213 TL
Sector Focus Chemical



There are 358 parcels in the zone and the parcels between 5.000 m² – 265.000 m² are available for the investors.

Located at the intersection of the Aliağa Ports, İzmir - Çanakkale Highway and İzmir - Bandırma Railway, ALOSBİ stands out with its identity as a logistic center which makes the zone an important location for investors.

Drinking water, LV-MV electric, lighting, scada and fiber-optic telecommunication systems are organized at the underground galleries in the zone.

ALOSBİ provides continuous and non-impact energy, which is one of the major inputs of industrialists. with its modern electricity and natural gas system.  Its’ electricity system has a 154/34.5 kV 400 MW capacity transformer station and 38 distribution centers. This enables the system to provide service to both molding facilities with high energy necessity and low-voltage, low-power subscribers.

The water demand of the zone is provided by 7 deep water wells. Water tanks of 1,000, 1,500, 2,500 and 6,000 m³ capacity provide service for the zone.

50 companies are currently operating at the Zone while 10 company factories are still under construction. 60.000 people are expected to be employed within the zone at which 2.432 people work, when the constructions are completed. Belgian Ravago, Japanese Sun Chemical and Turkish-French corporation Micha are among the global companies operating in the region.

Location of the OIZ

Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone

Çoraklar Mah. 5000 Sok. No: 46 Aliağa - İzmir

+90 232 621 50 50