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GE's LM Wind Power Exports Wind Blades from İzmir to Australia, Europe and Rest of the World

President and CEO for GE Renewable Energy in the MENAT region, Manar al-Moneef, told Anadolu Agency (AA) about the activities and operations of GE in Turkey. She said "Turkey is like a partner for us in GE. We are very proud of what we have done. Today GE is very proud to have 560 employees in the LM Wind Power facility in Izmir with over 24% of them being female."​

She stressed the blades produced in GE's LM Wind Power facility are exported to Australia, Europe and the rest of the world, a trend she described as a “huge landmark."​

GE, a company that is significantly investing in offshore and which has the largest offshore turbines globally, is currently expanding their LM Wind Power factory and is introducing the Cypress, the largest onshore wind turbine at 5.3-megawatts, she said.​

“This is going to be the largest facility for us and is a clear indication for GE that manufacturing in Turkey is the right decision. It is cost-competitive as we have the right labor and human capital to produce good quality products. We have the right suppliers and we have the right market," she said.​

As a market leader in offshore technology, she said that GE would be interested in all new opportunities in offshore projects including Turkey's first planned offshore wind farm.​

Turkey wants to add offshore wind to its energy mix in the coming years, and based on this aim, the country plans to offer, for the first time, a total of 1.2 GW of capacity with a total investment volume forecast to exceed $3 billion.​

LM Wind Power, which started its establishment in 2016 and started its operations in July 2017, is among the foreign investments that İzmir Development Agency had assisted in the establishment processes within the investment development and support activities.​

Source: AA