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Three Locations Determined in İzmir for the Domestic Automobile 16 November 2017

Asking for the production of the domestic automobile to be conducted in İzmir, the Metropolitan Municipality brought together the automobile industry and NGO representatives. Aliağa, Bergama and Kınık were determined as factory areas while the delegation run by Mr. Yorgancı will soon start off lobbying activities.

Following the government's decision to accelerate the production of domestic automobile, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality took action. Aziz Kocaoğlu brought together the automobile industry and NGO representatives at the Historical Gas Factory in Alsancak and stated that Aliağa, Bergama or Kınık areas were decided on as the possible areas for the factory. Also stating that they have formed a delegation with Ender Yorgancılar as the president, Kocaoğlu expressed that they will come together with the 26 MPs of İzmir to ask for support for lobbying activities.
Kocaoğlu said: "In summary, we had a consensus on that İzmir deserves the domestic automobile and that the whole city should work together to achieve it." Having the proper sub-industries, logistic and transportation facilities, human resources and experience in producing spare parts and automobiles, İzmir has various opportunities and has taken action for the domestic automobile factory. Aziz Kocaoğlu was the chairman of the "Domestic Automobile" meeting, organized for the first time in Turkey by a metropolitan municipality. Kocaoğlu stated after the meeting that they are working on determining the road map for the city to host the factory.


Kocaoğlu recorded that advantages and disadvantages of İzmir were also discussed during the meeting and added: "We exchanged ideas for the location and formed a delegation of 8 for lobbying activities. We will be drawing a road map for the domestic automobile 60% of which will be provided by the manufacturers in İzmir and the Aegean then turn it into a report to hand out to the İzmir MPs, including the Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım.


The members of the delegation of 8 include the Tiryakiler Group President Mehmet Tiryaki, ESBAŞ CEO Faruk Güler, Norm Holding Board Member Fatih Uysal, İnci Holding Chairman Neşe Gök, TERBAY Chairman Abdullah Baysak, Industry Consultant Mustafa Menku and CMS Chairman Bertuğ Ösen. We will conduct activities to establish the domestic automobile factory in İzmir with this delegation. On Friday or Saturday, we will be asking for support from the İzmir MPs for our lobbying efforts in Ankara." Stating that Aliağa, Kınık and Bergama were determined to be suitable locations for the factory Kocaoğlu added: "Public lands can be put into use in these locations. We, as a metropolitan municipality, will be supporting the infrastructural works after the allocation of such land. This investment will also increase their income level and quality of life."


Ender Yorgancılar, the chairman of the delegation, stated that they have made the decision to unite forces for İzmir to be able to use this advantage after 5 powerful companies took action for the domestic automobile including BMC from İzmir and Vestel from Manisa. "İzmir has very important advantages. Ports, human resources, the past BMC and Opel investments and the current success of automobile sub-industry show that İzmir and its surroundings are the most important locations for this business. "Also stating that the domestic automobile may not be 100% domestic, Yorgancılar added: "Today, the rate of how domestic a brand is does not exceed 60% including Korean ones. You depend on foreign resources one way or another. Many factories in İzmir produce parts for international automobile factories. We will be able to produce at least 60% of it in İzmir, however we may import the rest. To brand and to choose the type of the vehicle are what matter."


1- A delegation of 8 was formed for the lobbying activities.
2- It was decided to concentrate on Aliağa, Bergama and Kınık regions for the factory area.
3- It was decided to get together with İzmir MPs to ask for lobbying support on Friday or Saturday.
4- A report on the advantages of İzmir will be prepared and sent to Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and the İzmir MPs.
5- At least 60% of the domestic automobile will be provided from the facilities in İzmir and Aegean Region.