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Kastaş Invests 60 Million in İzmir 10 October 2017

Kastaş Sealing Technologies previewed the factory at a press meeting in Menemen Plastic Specialized Organized Industrial Zone.

     The construction started at the end of May 2015 using the most modern techniques and the adequate machinery. Kastaş has become a player in the international market with a wide range of products including all kinds of hydraulic, pneumatic seals, targeting zero error. Having reached 10 million Euros of export annually, Kastaş is the largest seal equipment producer in Turkey and in the top five in Europe with 60 million of investment. Kastaş will already be providing employment for 500 people and will have an opening ceremony on Friday.

     During the press meeting for the 55.000 square meter facility, the Kastaş Chairman Haydar Atılgan stated: "We started this business in 1981 and have taken a huge step by moving to the Menemen Industrial Zone, which we have long been looking forward to. As Kastaş, we will become a company that will push Turkey forwards in the European and the world market. Turkey will get through these troubled days. In spite of everything, we spend all our energy and investments in this business. The sealing element we produce is a secret product that facilitates our daily life, the parent material of which is rubber and plastic."

Kastaş, which aims to advance in the world market, delivers the products its competitors deliver in 12 weeks in 6 weeks by using modern production systems while also maintaining a certain level of stock.