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Ege Profil Establishes R&D Center In Izmir 14 August 2017

Turkey's leading PVC profile company Ege Profil has established an R&D center to present innovative products the market needs both in Turkey and abroad with the strength and power derived from their 36 years of experience. Ege Profil will get even more powerful in the sector with innovative studies at the R&D center registered by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

Ege Profil continues to set bigger targets by achieving world class production with the strength of world's largest PVC profile producer, Deceuninck. Founded in 1981, Ege Profil has been a leader in Turkey's PVC sector with their investments in technology, sense of quality and sustainability policies. Ege Profil, which is included in the scope of research and development incentives by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, will continue to be a well-known name.

"We aim to set trends both for the Turkish and the world market"

Egepen Deceuninck- Ege Profil General Manager and Deceuninck Executive Committee Member Ergün Çiçekçi stated that they will speed up their innovative and pioneering work with the R&D center which is established in their new factory in İzmir Menemen Plastic Specialized Industrial Zone and added: "Ege Profil aims to set trends for both Turkish and the world market in the PVC sector with our R&D center which we have established with our qualified team and innovative approach. R&D is fundamental developing products, designing new products and producing science that is the source of technology. We aim to produce the technology the PVC sector needs within our R&D center. Thus, we believe that we will bring dynamism to the sector."

Ege Profil will grow bigger with 200 million TL of investment and an annual production of 100.000 tons

The R&D center will operate within the new factory of Egepen Deceuninck which was established with a 200 million TL investment. The factory was established on a 110.000 m2 field that includes a 30.000 m2 logistic center, a 22.300 m2 closed area, production factory and administrative area as well as 56.000 m2 closed area on an 80.000 m2 field. The annual production goal of the factory, which is the largest PVC production center in Europe and USA, is 100.000 tons. The innovation studies will speed up with the establishment of the R&D center which embodies the latest technological systems.