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Izmir is Ready for a Big Wind Investment 07 August 2017

Renewable Energy Resource Areas (YEKA) Wind Energy tender has witnessed a competition of world's largest wind investors while the energy sector was surprised by the decrease of the purchasing cost from $ 10.3 cents to $ 3.48 per kilowatt-hour with domestic contribution.

Hüseyin Vatansever, Chairman of The Energy Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ENSIA) congratulated the Siemens - Türkerler - Kalyon Joint Venture Group and stated that the tender result is a milestone for the renewable energy sector. 

 Izmir is the Most Convenient Option

Emphasizing that they think the most convenient city for the blade factory they plan to build is İzmir, the ENSIA Chairman Vatansever mentioned that it is the only city with three blade factories in Turkey. Mentioning that German Enercon operates in the Aegean Free Zone since 2001, American TPI in Menemen since 2012 and General ELECTRIC LM Wind Power in Bergama Organized Industrial Zone since the last July, Vatansever stated "It is no coincidence that companies, each of which is one of world's largest, choose İzmir. İzmir provides the most favorable investment environment with its investment opportunities, powerful subsidiary industry, human resources, climate and organized industrial zones with completed infrastructures. The consortium member companies are ones that are aware of the superiority of İzmir and ones that have significant investments in the city. Bergama OIZ is one of the most favorable options for these investments through which we aim to become a 'hub' for renewable energy investments. The price per square meter in our OIZ's is almost half the price of Marmara region. We are ready to provide any kind of support for the winning firms of the YEKA tender. İzmir is ready to host our country's first wind turbine factory with great happiness.

Everyone won

Noting that the consortium will invest over 1 Billion Dollars, Vatansever also emphasized how it is vital that there is a domestic contribution obligation of 65% and added: 

"Our main goal of establishment as ENSİA is increasing the domestic contribution rate of renewable energy in main and subsidiary industry investments. Thus, we gladly welcomed the result of the tender. For 8 companies out of the top 10 wind energy producers in the world to bid in the tender is a sign of confidence in our country... This 1000 MW investment will increase the current RES capacity of our country by 17%.The machinery, equipment and component manufacturers will also be able to show themselves with this huge investment and to rise to the world league. The same thing also applies for our universities. Our universities, which have carried out limited study on wind energy, will have the opportunity to integrate theory and practice. This tender has no losing sides. The state, subsidiary industrialists, universities, scientist, consumers and of course the consortium members... A process which everyone will win is about to start."