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The first step for domestic drugs is ready! 12 July 2017

An important step was taken for the production of biopharmaceuticals in Turkey. A living environment was created for living cells. Biologist Aziz Çaylı, has established a private laboratory in İzmir. Drug companies around the world are very interested in this study. These drugs are used for the treatment of cancer and various blood diseases.

Biologist Dr. Aziz Çaylı succeeded in his laboratory in İzmir, where he creates Turkey's first biopharmaceutical production infrastructure. He has developed a cell culture medium for living cells that are used in the production of biopharmaceuticals for treatment of cancer, diabetes, rheumatism and blood diseases.

Dr. Çaylı, "Living cells are used for the production of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines. These living cells need to be nourished, need a culture medium, we have developed it for the first time in Turkey and we are starting production. Here, we have developed cell culture medium as a product."


Turkey spent a billion Lira in 2014 alone to import biopharmaceuticals.

It was necessary to establish the infrastructure first in order to start production in Turkey. In the laboratory in İzmir, a cell culture medium that cells can be nourished in was produced.

German Biotechnology Expert Joachim Walter stated that the culture medium named Lale can be used for the production of all drugs and vaccines and added, "Our goal is to create a general infrastructure to produce biopharmaceuticals in Turkey. After establishing this infrastructure, biopharmaceuticals and especially anti-cancer drugs will be produced ".


Stating that international drug companies are very interested in their product, Dr. Çaylı added, "When we first started this we said 'Let's do it for Turkey!' and compared ourselves to other competitors in the world. We saw that our medium was twice as good in scientific terms as the others. We shared our research results with other companies and signed a joint agreement with German and English companies. "