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İzmir on its way to becoming the first choice for qualified workforce 10 July 2017

İzmir has become a city where mid-level and senior executives in İstanbul increasingly prefer or look out for business opportunities in.

İzmir has become a city where mid-level and senior executives in İstanbul seek out business opportunities in. "İzmir receives brain drain from İstanbul." states the Hugent General Manager Özlem Veryeri Taşkaya and adds that the traffic, excessive concretion and slow social interaction accelerates the migration to İzmir.

Özlem Veryeri Taşkaya, the General Manager of the Human Resources Consultancy Institution Hugent, stated, "We see an increase in the number of managers over 40 who wants to leave İstanbul and seeks out for job positions in İzmir." and shared the following data:  
• 4 out of every 10 executive manager candidates started looking for jobs in İzmir.
• 80% of the managers over 40 who has lived in İzmir at some point in their lives are looking for ways to settle in İzmir.
• There is a new group of people who shares their and their spouse's CV simultaneously and aims to go to İzmir if one of them gets a job.

  İstanbul is a difficult city to live in now

     Özlem Veryeri Taşkaya stated that they hear the following sentence from candidates in interviews very frequently: "İstanbul is a difficult city to live in now."
     Taşkaya quotes candidates as saying that they want to leave İstanbul claiming the following reasons:
     • Increasing traffic despite the investments to reduce it and the related time lost.
     • Excessive concretion. Lack of green and open spaces.
     • Overcrowding.
     • Slow social interactions due to difficulty of transportation.
     • Increased intolerance.
     • High cost of living.
     • High cost of good educational opportunities for children.

     Why İzmir?

İzmir has been a favorite for the people of İstanbul for a while. According to the data of Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT), 16.129 people moved to İzmir in the past year. İzmir thus received the highest number of immigrants from İstanbul.

Indicating that the popularity of İzmir has reached to its peak among mid-level and senior executives in the last 6 months, Taşkaya listed the reasons as follows:
• Desire to be in the Aegean Region.
• Proximity to the nature and the sea.
• A broad perception that there is a more peaceful and more tolerant way of living.
• The thought that the under construction İstanbul - İzmir highway will facilitate the transportation to and from İzmir.
• Easier access in İzmir from the city center to the surrounding areas via train and metro facilities.  
• Significant large investments in the surrounding districts of İzmir that require white collar workers. Such as petrochemical plants in Aliağa and agricultural industry investments in Tire.
• Some global companies moving or getting ready to move their operations to İzmir to reduce cost and benefit from the qualified labor force.
• The white collar workers wanting to go back to İzmir who once lived here at some point in their lives.
     • Educational opportunities being not as complex as in İstanbul.

     Hugent General Manager Özlem Veryeri Taşkaya expressed that they expect for the qualified migration of people over 40 to continue in the forthcoming period.