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AirTies to Establish an R&D Center in İzmir 24 March 2017

Wireless network technologies producer AirTies is expanding its R&D center with their new investment in İzmir. Future engineers will conduct their R&D activities in this center.

Having more than 20 million products worldwide and an award winning R&D center, AirTies has opened a brand new R&D office in İzmir. AirTies aims to develop and export innovative wireless network technologies with their team of Turkish engineers in their new R&D office.

The company currently has offices in Texas and California as well as İstanbul and Erzincan. Their new R&D office in İzmir was designed to develop new technologies and implement advanced test systems with the test houses built around the center.

Air-Ties Wireless Networks Chief Technology Officer & Director Metin Taşkın made a statement regarding the İzmir R&D office opening: "AirTies is an international company that conducts advanced R&D studies. We, as the AirTies family, aim to bring up tomorrow's technology leaders by investing in R&D oriented human resources who are engineers. Within this context, we offer our employees an environment where they can demonstrate their competence while applying an innovation oriented management approach. We see in the AirTies engineering teams that the young engineers in Turkey are well educated and are able to achieve great things if the necessary environment is provided for them to grow. By establishing our office in the İzmir Institute of Technology, we aim to provide a space for new graduates to practice their technical information in real life and to improve the university-industry cooperation. Our goal is to produce advanced technologies in our R&D center in İzmir and to speak to the world with our best engineers. Our R&D center in İzmir will become a center of development and growth."