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German clothing brand will grow in İzmir 17 February 2017

The well-established German menswear brand which started production in the Aegean Free Zone last year in September aims to double its production and employment with a € 7.5 million investment.

The Germany based men's suit manufacturer Diegel which started production in the İzmir Aegean Free Zone (ESBAŞ) in September aims to double its production, employment and export capacity with a € 7.5 Million investment.

Digel Turkey General Manager Serdar Aker stated to AA that the German men's suit manufacturer Diegel, which was established in 1939, decided to invest in Turkey 1.5 years ago and started production 6 months ago.

Reminding that there were factors that could affect investments such as terrorist attacks, a coup attempt and the scores from credit rating agencies, Aker stated: "There were countries other than Turkey to invest in. We made an investment decision including a line of pants and a line of jackets with a 700 unit production capacity. We will double this in 2018 and will produce 1.400 suits a day in the spring of 2018. Currently there are 270 of us and this number will go up to 550 in 2018."

"We will enter the domestic market"

Stating that Turkey was one of the favorite options for country selection after their decision for investment and that the coup attempt of the Fettullah Terrorist Organization or the credit rating agencies did not affect the investment decision then added:

"Our company management has a clear vision. They are very far-sighted. There is one thing about terrorism. It is not only a matter of concern for Turkey but for the entire world. Turkey stays in the middle of it because it connects Europe and Asia. It is currently a € 7.5 million investment. There is more to come in 2018. The project consists of three stages. The first one is setting up production facilities. The second stage is meeting the purchasing needs from here by moving the purchasing center. The third stage is entering the domestic market with our stores and our brand."

Source: Anadolu Agency