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İzmir Becomes the Wind Power Leader of Turkey 20 January 2017

With many Wind Power Plant investments that started operating in the recent years, İzmir has become the wind power leader of Turkey by crossing 1000 megawatts (MW) in installed capacity as of 2017.

The total installed capacity has reached 1076 MW with the 127 MW of Wind Power Plant investments that started operating in the month of December. Following İzmir are Balıkesir with 971 MW and Manisa with 597 MW. While the wind power plant installed capacity in Turkey has reached 5738 MW in 2016 with a 1240 MW increase from the previous year, the share of wind power plants among the total installed capacity has reached 7.31%.

The Chairman of the Energy Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ENSIA) and Bergama OIZ Hüseyin Vatansever stated that Turkey has been going through a critical period and that the positive developments in the wind power sector have been relieving. Noting that İzmir is one of the leading high-potential provinces on the "Wind Atlas of Turkey" prepared by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Hüseyin Vatansever stated that the wind power potential of the city was calculated as 11.854 MW with this work. Emphasizing that the actual energy production level is 1/11 of the potential Vatansever added: "One of every five wind power plant in Turkey is located in İzmir, the capital of clean and renewable energy. Us, ENSIA, would like to thank all of the companies contributing these investments to our country. Currently in İzmir, 444 MW of wind power plants are in the construction phase. Also, there are 79 MW of licensed and 23 MW of pre-licensed projects. When all of these projects start operating, the total wind power capacity of İzmir will increase to 1622 MW. But we still have a long way to go to achieve the potential energy generation. İzmir will become a center for both clean energy investments and the machine, equipment and component producers offering services to these investments. The Bergama OIZ is ready for main and sub-industry investments."

Emphasizing that the increase in foreign exchange rates affects all segments of the society, Hüseyin Vatansever pointed out that the downtime periods experienced in OIZ's also increase the production cost of industrialists. Reminding that the one-third of Turkey's electricity generation is still conducted with natural gas, Vatansever added:

"It is not sustainable to be so dependent on a resource 98% of which we import for electricity generation." We should place so much more importance on our renewable and clean energy resources. We support all of the efforts of our Ministry of Energy in this regard wholeheartedly. To think that İzmir alone has 12.000 MW of wind potential, it is not so difficult for Turkey to reach much higher installed power figures. Turkey can both decrease its foreign-source dependency and create great synergy by achieving the $ 25 billion of investments to be made until 2023 through the domestic industry."

Source: IHA