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Why Allianz has chosen İzmir? 12 January 2017

Strategy Office and CEO Office Director Melike Demir explained why they have chosen İzmir for the Operation Center which will be the new investment made by Allianz Sigorta A.Ş.

Demirel said that “We actually chose İzmir to start off a very long-term project. We aimed to establish a sustainable operation center in İzmir. We actually examined many provinces and regions. And we decided that İzmir would be one of the best places for our employees to have a quality life and a high level of happiness. “

Demirel continued his speech as “Besides, İzmir is a very important trade center. It is also among the top cities in Turkey economically. The level of education also impressed us. We determined that we can employ too many skilled and well educated young people here. We believed that we could build a very peaceful, happy and productive environment both for our employees and for our shareholders.“