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OIZ's in Izmir

Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone

The Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone has become the center of attraction in Turkey for chemical investments. ALOSBİ is established on a 4.6 million m2 area and is located 65 km north of İzmir and 9 km northeast of the Aliağa District. Distance to City Center 65 km Number of Parcels 350 Number of Active Companies 50 Total Employment 2.432 Sale Price of Parcel per m2 213 TL Sector Focus Chemical More

Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone

Having been established in 1990, the İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (İAOSB) is one of the largest production, export and employment centers. The total area of the zone located in the Çiğli District of İzmir is 6.2 million m2. The Airport, Alsancak Port and the City Center are easily accessible. More

Bağyurdu Organized Industrial Zone

The Bağyurdu Organized Industrial Zone is located within the Kemalpaşa District of İzmir and is 2 km away from Turgutlu District of Manisa. The infrastructure of the zone is about to be completed. While 4 companies have started production and 7 companies have been still building their factories. More

Bergama Organized Industrial Zone

The total area of the Bergama OIZ is 1.7 million m². The expropriation and planning phases of the Zone were completed and thus 96 industrial parcels were created. The strategy of the zone is to specialize on renewable energy by acquiring companies from the sector. In parallel with this strategy, parcel sales agreements are made between global renewable energy equipment producers and the zone management. More

Buca Ege Organized Industrial Zone

Buca Ege Organized Industrial Zone was established in 2002 as the first textile focused organized industrial zone in Turkey. The zone embodies companies from other sectors along with the textile companies. Located in the Buca District, it is 2 km to the Aydın-İzmir highway, 10 km to the Airport and 13 km to the İzmir Port; therefore it has a very central location. More

Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone

It is one of the largest organized industrial zones in Turkey with an area of 1300 hectares and 944 industrial parcels. Having 447 companies on these 428 parcels, 341 of companies conduct industrial production while 106 operate on service and trade sectors. Numerous domestic and global companies operate within the zone. More

Kınık Organized Industrial Zone

The Kınık Organized Industrial Zone established in 1995 is 18 km to Bergama, 30 km to the Çandarlı Port and 23 km to the Soma District of Manisa. 500 of the 729 acres of land are industrial parcels. 39 of the total 41 parcels were allocated to investors. While 7 companies currently operating in the zone, one is building its premises. More

Menemen Plastic Organized Industrial Zone

İzmir Menemen Plastic Organized Industrial Zone is established on a 92 hectare area in the Menemen Kazımpaşa Neighborhood. It is 1.5 km to the Menemen City Center, 0.5 km to the İzmir highway, 15 km to İAOSB and 35 km to the İzmir City Center. There are 33 companies from plastic sector is now building their factories in the zone. More

Ödemiş Organized Industrial Zone

The Ödemiş Organized Industrial Zone is located in Ödemiş District of İzmir. Infrastructure works of the zone are still going on. It is expected the zone to become an attraction center for milk and dairy producing companies due to its location and sector clusters. More

Pancar Organized Industrial Zone

Established officially in 2002, the zone is within the Menderes District and is adjacent to the Tekeli Organized Industrial Zone. The region is planned to be 130 hectares, and the infrastructure work of Region 1, designated as 95 hectares (954.036,05 m2), has been completed while companies have started their investments. There are a total of 72 industry parcels of various sizes in the Region 1 industrial area. The construction plan and infrastructure projects continue in the Region. The parcel editing and excavation works have also started. More

Tekeli Organized Industrial Zone

İTOB was established in the Tekeli Town of the Menderes District on a 251 hectare area. There are 350 industrial parcels varying between 1.000 m2 and 30.000 m2. Currently, there are 3.000 employees working in the zone and 15.000 more people are planned to be employed when it starts operating at full capacity. While 167 companies are actively operating in the zone, 88 companies have been building their factories.. More

Tire Organized Industrial Zone

The zone is located within the Tire District and it provides services to companies with a fully established infrastructure. There are a total of 191 parcels at the zone which especially embodies food and beverage companies. 46 companies are in production while the factory constructions of 24 companies continue. More

Torbalı Organized Industrial Zone

Having a 665,000 m2 (66.5 hectares) of area, the Torbalı Organized Free Zone is located in the Torbalı District. The zone is 6 km to the city center and 30 km to the Adnan Menderes Airport. One company has started production while the factory constructions of three other companies continue in the zone with a total of 43 parcels. It is expected for the zone to become anattraction center thanks to its logistical advantages. More