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İzmir is one of the leading health centers of Turkey with its hospitals, healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs in the sector.

İzmir hosts 15.5% of the medical device producers and 16% of the labor force that produces medical devices in Turkey.

İzmir Provides Quality Health Care

There are 24 Private, 23 State and 8 University Hospitals in İzmir.

13.7% of the total doctors and 15.5% of the total health care personnel in Turkey are in İzmir.

İzmir offers accessible health care for all, with 28.6 beds per 1000 people.


"People in İzmir, which is one of the symbols of the Aegean culture, enjoy a healthy lifestyle as an inevitable consequence of the interaction of different cultures. These lands, which have hosted numerous civilizations from Hittites to Ionians; from Pergamons to Romans, are now one of the most cosmopolitan and dynamic cities in Turkey. To me, İzmir is the center of healthy living in Turkey. This city has been a home to Western medicine as well as the pioneer of progress in health throughout its history of 8500 years."

Prof. Dr. Gökhan S. Hotamışlıgil
J.S. Simmons Professor of Genetics and Metabolism
Harvard University Head of the Department of Genetics and Complex Diseases

İzmir is a Prominent City with a Strong Health Technology Infrastructure

Dokuz Eylul University Biotechnology Campus
  • Hospital
  • Medical School
  • Health Faculties
  • Turkey's first and only specialized health technopark(DEPARK)
  • Turkey's largest biotechnology R&D investment, the İzmir Institute of Biomedicine and Genome (IBG)
Ege University Biotechnology Campus  
  • Hospital
  • Medical School
  • Health faculties
  • A technopark for biotechnology (ideEGE)
  • EBİLTEM, providing university-industry collaboration
  •  The center all drug development processes can be conducted at (ARGEFAR)

The Biotechnology Sector has a Privileged Place in the Incentive System

Being among the priority sectors for TUBİTAK and KOSGEB, the biotechnology sector is supported through grant programs. In addition, a minimum 1 million TL of medical device and medicine development investments are among the priority issues within the scope of the investment incentives of the Ministry of Economy.







İzmir Provides Skilled Labor to the Biotechnology Sector

5 of the 8 universities in İzmir have medical schools.

İzmir trains qualified labor for the sector with more than 2.000 engineering graduates annually.

İzmir supports the sector with nearly 1.000 science graduates each year.

Universities in İzmir graduate nearly 2.000 doctors and healthcare personnel each year.

İzmir Offers Suitable Investment Areas for Biotechnology Companies

İzmir offers tax benefits and established investment infrastructure areas for the investors. DEPARK and ideEGE are the only technoparks specialized in biotechnology and life sciences in Turkey. ESBAŞ, on the other hand, is one of the leading free zones of Europe which includes health care equipment producer such as Lansinoh.

Special Investment Zones


"Izmir is a modern European city. İzmir really has a qualified workforce with a high level of education and a homogeneous structure. Not only it is located at the western end of the Asia but it is also the nearest town of the continent to Europe. İzmir is a gateway from Asia to Europe and from Europe to Asia. The people of İzmir get along well with both Europeans and Asians. It only takes 45 minutes to drive from the city center to holiday destinations. You have the opportunity to take a vacation at different locations for years without having to move away from the city. İzmir is a dynamic city which has high tolerance. "It's really a great privilege to live in this city."

Atilla Sevinçli
Chairman of the Executive Board of Meditera Group

Large Projects are Carried out in the Health Sector in İzmir


İzmir Institute of Biomedicine and Genome

  • 21.000 m2 closed area
  • Has a pilot drug manufacturing facility
  • Biosafety level 3 laboratories
  • Embodies 20 different doctoral programs within
  • The largest biotechnology R&D investment in Turkey.

City Hospitals

  • On a 800,000 m2 area
  • A total of 3500 beds
  • General and specialized hospitals
  • The construction of two health campuses continues.



Bioİzmir Project

İzmir Health Technologies Development and Accelerator (BioIzmir) project gathers the fundamental “from bench side to bed side” components in the medical world. BioIzmir is implemented with “one-stop-shop” approach to support Izmir vision being the intersection of health enterprise and innovation on regional, national and international platforms. It is a project that's supported by the İzmir Development Agency. The actions to be taken within the scope of the project will help taking the first steps in combining the R&D and innovation systems with the industry. The project will support the development of health technologies both in İzmir and Turkey. "

Prof. Murat ÖZGÖREN
Dokuz Eylül University Vice-Chancellor

Supporting Structures

Biotechnology and Bioengineering Research Center (BİYOMER)

Drug Development and Pharmacokinetics Research and Application Center (ARGEFAR)

Electronic Equipment Production and Application Center (EMUM)

Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Laboratory (FABAL)

Center for Materials Research (İYTE-MAM)

İzmir Institute of Biomedicine and Genome (IBG)


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