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İzmir has a Strong Ecosystem of Companies in the ICT Sector.

İzmir hosts 2.025 companies in the sector. Thus, İzmir embodies the 6.3% of the ICT companies in Turkey.

8.815 people are employed by the ICT companies in İzmir. The annual turnover of these companies is approximately 500 million euros.

730 of the ICT firms operating in İzmir are software producing companies.

Some Global Companies in İzmir

Jump Response MonitiseSoftware House

IBM logo blueDisaster Prevention Center

Accenture red arrow logoSoftware House

ericsson logo 1024x228MENA Region R&D Center


Cloud Technology Center

To see a list of some of the major information and communication technology companies operating in İzmir and their areas of operation please click here.

The 29% of the total employees working in call centers in Turkey are employed in İzmir.

There are a total of 730 software companies in İzmir.

90% of the companies in the Technology Development Zones operate on software development.

Opportunity to Employ a Skilled Workforce with Lower Wages

The city with the lowest cost of living among the three metropolitans in Turkey.

20% less labor cost compared to the largest city of Turkey.

It's a university city with nearly 160.000 annual university students and nearly 20.000 graduates 2.000 of which are from the engineering department.

The Rising Sector in İzmir

İzmir is a very powerful city in the ICT sector with 8 Universities, 130 Research Centers, 4 Technoparks, 25 R&D Centers as well as high human capital and quality of life.

Research Infrastructure

Both a Tranquil and a Dynamic City: The Ideal Combination to Live and Work in!

The lifestyle in İzmir is suitable for developing software as well as increasing creativity and productivity, which moves the city one step ahead of its competitors. Nearly 4 million people live in İzmir and almost the half of the population is under 30.

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According to the survey conducted by Ernst & Young, İzmir is the most attractive investment area following İstanbul.

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İzmir Offers Both a High Quality Life and a Competitive Standard of Living.

Here, the products and services that make up about half of the household expenses are more affordable.

Educational services are about 25% cheaper than in İstanbul.

Rent, electricity, water and gas costs are about 18% lower than in İstanbul.

Entertainment and cultural activities cost about 12% less than in İstanbul and 6% less than in Ankara.

As a result; the purchasing power of the employees receiving the same salary is higher. There's an opportunity to lower the production costs with lower labor costs. The average salaries in İzmir are 20-30% lower than in İstanbul and 10-20% lower than in Ankara.

İzmir is on its Way to Becoming a Mature Cluster of Information Thanks to the Increasing Number of its Technoparks.

A company in a Technopark is exempt from;

 Corporation income tax.

Any tax on the personnel costs.

VAT related to the sales of the produced software.

İzmir Hosts World-Class Technology Development Zones




  • Operates within the Dokuz Eylül University
  • Specialized in the fields of ICT and Health
  • Embodies 120 firms
  • Is the fastest growing technopark in Turkey.



  • Operates within the Ege University
  • Specialized in the field of biotechnology
  • Is a boutique technopark.


Teknopark İzmir

  • Operates within the İzmir Institute of Technology
  • Specialized in the field of materials science
  • Embodies 80 R&D companies
  • Embodies the largest incubation center in Turkey.


İzmir Sciencepark

  • Operates within İzmir University of Economics
  • Located within the Menderes Tekeli Organized Industrial Zone
  • Is Integrated to the industry
  • Plans to specialize on industrial applications and food technologies.

The businesses outside of the technoparks whilst having over 15 R&D or design employees are accepted as R&D / Design Centers and can benefit from numerous tax incentives.

R&D Center Incentives


Besides the tax incentives, there are also many grant programs that the IT companies investing in İzmir can benefit from. Significant incentives are provided by TÜBİTAK for IT R&D projects and the export of the IT products by the Ministry of Economy. Companies operating in the field of business services such as call centers can benefit from the incentives of İŞKUR for the new staff they will purchase.

Employment GrantsR&D Incentives

İzmir has High Quality Vocational and Technical Schools in Addition to Universities.

Vocational and Technical Schools in İzmir

Related Training Area Included Sub-Fields Number of Schools
Information Technologies Computer Technical Services
Database Programming
Web Programming
Network Operations
65 schools
Electrical and Electronic Technologies Electricity Installation and Electricity Board Installation
Industrial Repair and Maintenance
Coil Winding
Communication Systems
Video and Audio Systems
36 schools
Industrial Automation Technologies Industrial Control
3 schools
Mechanical Technologies Computer Aided Machinery Production
Computer Aided Machinery Design
Machine Maintenance and Repair
Interior Technical Design

18 schools


Foreign language education is obligatory in primary schools, secondary schools, high schools and universities in Turkey.

There are 50 secondary schools and high schools in Turkey providing education in foreign language. In addition to these schools, there is also a secondary school that provides education exclusively for foreign students.

A year of preparatory education in English is obligatory in the Universities in İzmir. To be exempt from this preparatory school, students must receive the minimum score determined for exemption. There are also university departments that offer the education of the leading European languages such as German, French and Italian in İzmir.

Foreign Language Education Fact Note

İzmir Offers High Accessibility to the ICT Companies.

Turkish ICT companies export software to more than 70 countries. The ones with most interaction are Germany, USA, United Arab Emirates, Libya, England, Azerbaijan and Switzerland. Therefore, rapid accessibility is of high importance for ICT companies in Turkey.

The Adnan Menderes Airport in İzmir has increased its total passenger capacity to 25 million thanks to its new domestic terminal. The number of passengers has reached to 11 million and there are direct flights to 36 countries in 3 different continents. 55 different airlines carry out flights to 86 different foreign destinations.

Direct Flights to International Destinations

Amsterdam Dortmund Köln Münster St. Petersburg
Atina Dublin Liege Nantes Tahran
Bakü Düsseldorf Lile Nürnberg Toulouse
Barselona Eindhoven Londra Oslo Üsküp
Basel Ercan Lüksemburg Ostende Verona
Berlin Frankfurt Lyon Paris Varşova
Billund Göteborg Manchester Poznan Viyana
Birmingham Hahn Marsilya Prag Wroclaw
Bratislava Hamburg Medine Rotterdam Zürih
Bremen Hannover Milano Shannon  
Brüksel Helsinki Minsk Stockholm  
Cidde Katowide Moskova Strazburg  
Cork Kopenhag Münih Stuttgart  

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