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İzmir is one of the most favorable locations in the Middle East and the Mediterranean Regions to conduct research and development studies thanks to the advanced education opportunities and the importance placed on science and technology.
Having the first Innovation Strategy of Turkey, İzmir is a pioneering city.

Research Centers

There are a total of 130 research and application centers operating within universities in İzmir. While some of them conduct clinical researches, laboratory studies and industrial production based studies, some of these centers operate on social fields.

In İzmir, there are 34 research centers which provide services to science and industry and support the R&D and innovation activities within universities.

Research Centers Operating in the Areas of Science, Industry and R&D

R&D Centers and Design Centers

İzmir hosts 25 R&D centers in 9 different sectors in total.

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Incentives for R&D Centers and Design Centers

R&D Incentives

Different governmental organizations provide funds for projects on R&D  to enhance the technology and innovation activities of the private sector and contribute to the competitiveness on a global scale.

Incentives for R&D Activities

Mature Clusters

There are various clusters in İzmir, among which the sectoral cooperation is well-developed.