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An 8.500 Years of History…

Combining sea, sand and sun with valuable historical assets, İzmir receives 8.5 million domestic and foreign tourists annually.

İzmir is a colorful mix of the rich histories of Anatolia and the Aegean Region.

Numerous historical artifacts that represent the history of the city welcome visitors from all across the globe.

İzmir is also home to Ephesus and Pergamon; the best preserved classical ancient city in the East Mediterranean which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Due to the city being a home to various different civilizations throughout its history, İzmir has a multi-faith structure with churches, synagogues, mosques and ancient temples all harmoniously intertwined.

300 Days of Sun

Along its 629 kilometer coast, İzmir has 45 Blue Flag beaches.

İzmir is an ideal place for windsurfing.

The city welcomes 500.000 cruise passengers with an average of 150 cruises annually.


In addition to the rich variety of fruit and vegetables grown on the fertile soil of the city, İzmir also provides fresh sea food.