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İzmir is one of the most developed cities in the country's main economic indicators.

While İzmir is having a significant industrial base by realizing 9.3% of Turkey’s total industrial production, the region also comes the second in Turkey as a commercial centre. Therefore the region’s workforce constitutes 6% of the total employment of Turkey.

An Attraction Center for Investors

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The Second Largest Commercial Center of Turkey

İzmir is taking share of 4.1% within total imports and 6.1% within total exports in Turkey, thanks to having more than 4500 export companies and $17.1 billion foreign trade volume.

Has a wide range of products including textiles, agriculture, chemicals,  machinery and equipment

Imports mainly from Germany, China, Russia, USA and Italy; exports mainly to Germany, England, USA, Spain and Italy as of 2015

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An Attraction Center for Investors

İzmir is home to 13 organized industrial zones, 2 free zones, 4 technology development zones and 4 commercial ports that create a vibrant ecosystem for the investors.

Realizes 9.3% of Turkey’s total industrial production with high manufacturing potential in both traditional products such as cotton, fig, grape, tobacco, olive oil and high tech industries such as aerospace, industrial machinery, medical devices and chemicals.

Multisectorial Structure: Has high potential in motor vehicles, chemistry, industrial machinery & equipment, food & beverage production, renewable energy, tourism, automotive OEM, information and communication technology.