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There are three types of special investment zones offering various advantages for different types of investments.


Ready Infrastructure
Extra benefits in investment incentives
For Manufacturing Companies
One Stop Shop Services


Ready Infrastructure
Tax-free trade
For Manufacturing Companies
One Stop Shop Services


World Class Office Spaces
R&D& Innovation
Special Incentives for R&D Projects
University Infrastructure and Cooperation

Supports for Investments

İzmir offers the possibility to benefit from many tax exemptions and incentives to investors depending on the area which is choosen to invest.

    Technology Development Zones Free Zones Investment Areas (outside of the TDZs and FZs)
Corporate/Income Tax 0% 0% 20%
VAT 0% 0% for goods, equipment and machinery brought into Zone 8% - 18%
Custom Duties - 0% for buying Turkish Products -
Salary Costs  Income Tax 0% 0% for companies which export 85% or more of their products 15%-35%
Social Security Premiums (employee share) 15% 15% 15%
Social Security Premiums (employer share) 10,25% 20,50% 19,50%
Unemployment insurance premiums 2%-3% 2%-3% 2%-3%
Stamp Tax 0% 0,5%-0,1% %0,5-%0,1


By hosting 13 Organized Industrial Zones, 4 Technology Development Zones and 2 Free Zones, İzmir offers an ideal investment environment and infrastructure to investors.

Technology Development Zones

Free Zones

Organized Industrial Zones