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Dr. Oetker

The Dr. Oetker brand was first established in Bielefeld in 1891. Establishing the first food production company, Dr. Oetker, soon expanded to the countries in western and Eastern Europe and continued its steady growth. Dr. Today, Dr. Oetker operates within a total of 21 institutions including South America and Brazil with 450 product lines. Established in 1987 in İzmir, Dr. Oetker Turkey moved into its new facility in Torbalı in 1999. More


Founded in 1974 in Germany by Joseph Wilhelm, Rapunzel started importing dried fruit and nuts from Turkey in 1976. The company sells to Germany and other countries in Europe through 5.000 different organic stores. Rapunzel opened a consultancy office in 1986 in İzmir and have since been carrying out crop processing activities in an 8.500 m² area which includes administrative offices, freezing units, fumigation tents, cold storage rooms, processing areas, social facilities and water treatment units. The area has been in use since 1997 in Ören / Kemalpaşa near İzmir. Rapunzel, which annually produces 3.000 tons of organic products, produces over 40 varieties of products with approximately 600 organic farmers. More

Tesco Kipa

Called Tesco PLC abroad, Tesco Kipa A.Ş., is a UK based company which operates in 13 countries globally. Tesco-Kipa is one of the leading retailers in Turkey with a total of 115 stores, including 72 express and 43 hypermarkets, 230.000 meter squares of net sales area and about 7.500 employees. More

Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak is one of the world's leading liquid food processing and packaging manufacturers. Tetra Pak, with close to 20,000 employees in more than 150 countries, provides safe products to its customers all around the world. Tetra Pak that has been operating in Turkey since 1971, continues production in its İzmir factory since 1986. The annual production of the factory has reached to 4 billion pieces of packages while it was 176 million pieces in 1988. Approximately one third of the products are export-oriented and these are exported to three different countries. More