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Fokker Elmo

Fokker Elmo was founded in Netherlands in 1911. The company develops and manufactures high technology products for the aerospace sector and has been operating in Turkey since 1989.The number of employees in the Group has reached up to 4900 worldwide. Fokker Elmo is accepted as an expert in electrics in planes and plane motors internationally. The central one being in Netherlands, the company has facilities in Turkey, China, Canada and USA. More

Kale Pratt & Whitney

Founded in USA in 1957, Pratt & Whitney established Kale Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engine Company in 2011 in collaboration with the Kale Group. The company which was established with %51 participation of Kale Group and %49 Pratt&Whitney operates mainly on aircraft engine parts and sub assembly groups. The production of the F135, which is the engine of the most advanced fighter aircraft F35, is planned for the first years. Kale Pratt & Whitney, the first phase investment in the Aegean Free Zone, consists of a 20.000 meter square facility built on a 100.000 meter square area as well as highly advanced machines and equipment. More

PFW Aerospace

Operating in the Global Aerospace sector in Germany, PFW Aerospace entered the Turkish market in 2003. PFW Aerospace Group provides jobs for 1.700 people at their factories in Germany Speyer and Aegean Free Zone. It aims to continue its growth in İzmir through new investments.PFW is among the firms that have realized the necessity of being close to their customers and the markets they compete in. The firm has a total of 2.150 employees, 150.000 m² of facilities, € 230 million turnover (2008) and € 160 million of assets worldwide. More