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Founded in Germany in 1984, the wind equipment manufacturer Enercon entered in the Turkish market in 1998. 3 Enercon turbines were used in Çeşme RES (1,5 MW). Çeşme RES is the first RES project of Turkey as well as a subsidiary of Demirer Energy which was launched in 1998. Following this project, Enercon Service Company was established to take over the service and the installation of the turbines in 1999. In 2002, Enercon started producing rotor blades for turbines in İzmir and has been producing concrete wind tower parts since 2009 in İzmir. The Company has supported the establishment of a domestic industry in these sectors by encouraging the production of parts such as steel towers in domestic facilities. More

TPI Composites

One of the world's largest composite wing producers American Tillotson Pearson Inc. (TPI Composites, Inc), was established in United States, Arizona in 1968. TPI first started wind turbine blade production in 1999 and has also been operating in Sasalı, İzmir since March 2012. In this 275.000 m2 area, giant composite blades which are used for wind turbines are produced. More